Eat Love Live Education is a continuing professional development platform for health professionals.

Our courses are rooted and developed in conjunction with people who have lived experience.

ELL Education marries lived experience, clinical experience and empirical evidence to provide comprehensive education and clinical reflection tools.

Our passion and experience as dietitians and credentialed eating disorder clinicians (CEDC) is within the disordered eating/ eating disorder and body image areas.

Our courses are flavored by this and designed to be suitable for all health professionals.

We have several courses planned covering a wide range of clinical areas and developing skills for high-quality and client-centered health care.

What are we about?

Perfect we are not - and we chose to include that as a value. We aim to show up, imperfectly, to challenge the notion that we have to get it right all the time! We are not the experts, our clients are! We don't need to know it all! 

We aim to model the messages we bring to our work. 

We will hold a compassionate space to learn and reflect. 

We know that health professionals are all caring people who want to help. And, we know that we all have a range of internalised biases, shaped by our own experiences, that trip us up at times. That is ok. 

This is the space to safely explore these, reflect and grow.

It important to know that there is no endpoint. When we hold lived experience as our teacher there will always be more to learn; and that is ok. 

We won't always get it right; and that is ok.

Our Values

We aim to provide education for health practitioners, across a range of topics, that is rooted in lives experience. We aim to support the development of client centred, inclusive, aware and reflective health practitioners.

Our Mission
We are working towards a world where all people can access client-centred health care that is informed by social justice. All we do at ELL Education is created with this long-term goal in mind. We aim to elevate and amplify the voices of lives experience to inform the ongoing education of health practitioners and drive change from the bottom up!

Who are your facilitators?

Dr Christie Bennett

Dr Christie Bennett Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD), educator, researcher, 9*/8888and co-facilitator of Eat Love Live Education.

Jo Money

Josephine is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and director of Eat Love Live, credentialed eating disorder clinician (CEDC) and co-facilitator of Eat Love Live Education. ee daughters.